JavaScript Hero

Learn to code with JavaScript Hero, the tutorial with interactive exercises!

JavaScript Hero wants to take you into the world of programming. On each page you will find a small lesson and a small programming task. The task can be answered directly on the page. And you are immediately told if you have solved the problem correctly or if you made a mistake.

The title bar on each exercise page is red. Read the lesson and the task thoroughly. Write the solution into the text field and start the tests. If you made a mistake, a test is red and the title bar remains red. The red test tells you what you did wrong. Correct the error and restart the tests. If all tests are green, you will receive a success message and the title bar will turn green.

Use the arrow keys in the title bar ( < # > ) to go back and forth between the exercises. With the hash you get to the overview. Here you can find all exercises.

Happy coding!