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Array: length

Like strings, arrays have the property length. Here it returns the number of elements in the array:
let languages = [];
let len0 = languages.length;
languages[0] = 'C';
let len1 = languages.length;
languages[1] = 'C++';
let len2 = languages.length;
The empty array contains no elements. len0 is 0. Now we fill the array step by step. len1 is 1 and len2 is 2.


Write a function getLastElement that takes an array and returns the last element of the array.

Example: getLastElement([1, 2]) should return 2.
Determine the index of the last element with the length property. Take into account that the first element in the array has the index 0.
function getLastElement(anArray) {
  let lastIndex = anArray.length - 1;
  return anArray[lastIndex];