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String: charAt()

To get a character from a string at a specified index, use the charAt(index) method:
var char0 = 'Frantz'.charAt(0);
var char1 = 'Frantz'.charAt(1);
var char9 = 'Frantz'.charAt(9);
The first character has the index 0. So char0 has the value 'F' and char1 has the value 'r'. If the index is larger than the index of the last character, the empty string is returned. So char9 has the value ''.


Write a function shortcut that takes two strings and returns the initial letters of theses strings. shortcut('Amnesty', 'International') should return 'AI'.
var shortcut = function(s1, s2) {
var shortcut = function(s1, s2) {
  return s1.charAt(0) + s2.charAt(0);