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String: split()

The split method splits a string into substrings using a separator string. The substrings are returned as an array. The original string is not changed.
let date = '31-10-2017';
let parts = date.split('-');
let day = parts[0]; // '31'
let month = parts[1]; // '10'
let year = parts[2]; // '2017'
Here, the separator string is the hyphen. It splits the date string into three parts. These three parts are assigned as an array to the variable parts. Afterwards, the individual parts are assigned to separate variables.


Write a function add that takes a string with a summation task and returns its result as a number. A finite number of natural numbers should be added. The summation task is a string of the form '1+19+...+281'.

Example: add('7+12+100') should return 119.