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The Boolean operators have an order: First NOT, then AND, last OR. If you want to change this order, use parentheses:
let x1 = true || false && false;
let x2 = (true || false) && false;
let x3 = !false && false;
let x4 = !(false && false);
In the 1st line && is evaluated first. x1 is true. In the 2nd line || is evaluated first. x2 is false. In the 3rd line ! is evaluated first. x3 is false. In the 4th line && is evaluated first. x4 is true.

In the following task you should code another important gate, the XOR (eXclusive OR) gate.


Write a function xor that takes two Boolean values. If both values are different, the result should be true. If both values are the same, the result should be false.

I.e.: The calls xor(true, false) and xor(false, true) should return true. The calls xor(true, true) and xor(false, false) should return false.