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do...while loop

The do...while loop works similarly to the while loop. The loop code is executed as long as the loop condition results in true. The only difference is that the loop condition is checked after the loop code. This ensures that the loop code is run through at least once.
let threeX = '';
do {
  threeX = threeX + 'x';
} while (threeX.length < 3);
After the loop threeX has the value 'xxx'.


Write a function lcm that takes two natural numbers and calculates their least common multiple (lcm). The lcm of two natural numbers a und b is the smallest natural number that is divisible by a and b.

Example: lcm(4, 6) should return 12.
To calculate the lcm of a and b, take 1 and test whether it is divisible by a and b. If so, 1 is the lcm. If not, take 2 and test again. And so forth.
function lcm(a, b) {

  let theLCM = 0;
  let remainderA;
  let remainderB;

  do {

    remainderA = theLCM % a;
    remainderB = theLCM % b;

  } while (remainderA !== 0 || remainderB !== 0)

  return theLCM;